Readyman Hostage Escape Credit Card

Posted: June 21, 2016
Readyman Hostage Escape Credit Card
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This is all of course presuming you get to keep your wallet after you've been taken hostage. And that you can maneuver your cuffed, roped, or zip-tied hands inside it to grab Readyman's credit card of escape tools. Oh, and also poke them out of their holding gates. Personally, I think your chances of keeping and using an A-K watch band are better.

The Hostage Escape Credit Card still looks cool though, and might be fun to whip out for conversation or when someone realizes they've lost the handcuff key a little too late. Or just pretends they have in whatever RP activity you're into that's none of my business. The 0.42-ounce stainless steel card includes a:

  • Saw
  • Handcuff shim
  • Rake
  • Tension wrench
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