QuadHands Soldering Tool & Vise

Posted: July 17, 2017
QuadHands Soldering Tool & Vise
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Though less QuadHands and more QuadPincers, this soldering tool and vise drives home an important point: every now and then we could all use an extra hand pincer. For makers and tinkerers, 4 pincers is even better.

Four flexible metal gooseneck arms with alligator clamp ends extend from the powder coated steel base of the QuadHands desktop tool. The arms are designed to stay put once positioned, and the clamps can rotate 360 degrees, and then "lock" in place with knurled thumb nuts. Removable silicone clamp covers protect your delicate electronics.

At 3+ pounds, the 8" x 8" QuadHands base is sturdy enough to stay put when supporting heavier projects, and its complementary QuadFeet - 4 big rubber ones on the underside - prevent the unit from sliding on smooth surfaces.

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