Puebco Minimalist Wire Step Stool

Posted: September 06, 2022
Puebco Minimalist Steel Step Stool
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Puebco's Wire Step Stool is industrial minimalism at its finest, and household tool engineering at its...well...okayest. Despite the Step Stool looking like a cool addition to your garage or modern kitchen, with a recommended weight limit of around 175 pounds, it doesn't pack a lot of life for the grown-ass men, and adults in general, who will likely most want to use it.

And a children's step stool made of hard steel rods spaced such that a hand or foot could easily get stuck in them? Probably not one of the best gifts for kids.

Nonetheless, if your scale reports you as undo two hundo, and you'd like a trendy step to give you a boost around the house, the Puebco Wire Step Stool could be just the 7.5" lift you're looking for.

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