Plastic Bottle Rope Makers - Turn Trash Into Rope

Posted: June 14, 2020
Plastic Bottle Rope Maker - Turn Trash Into Rope
$13 - $20
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Grim Workshop has struck gold plastic! The functional tool brand's new plastic rope bottle makers, the Cordage Card, Cordage Tag, and Cordage Micro Tool, look as fun to use as they do functional in use, and as burly as they do eco-friendly.

With the slogan backdrop, "Turn trash into rope," Grim Workshop is running its plastic bottle rope makers as a Kickstarter campaign, with options to pledge for the 3 designs individually or as a set. Each of the tools is able to turn a 2 liter bottle into a 50'+ length of rope. And we're not talking 50' of rope that snaps like your red licorice laces either. Check out the video of a wrapped cord of plastic bottle rope towing a 3,000 pound tractor. In the mud. Uphill. Both ways! (OK, Dad made up that last part.)

The differences between the Cordage Card, Cordage Tag, and Cordage Micro Tool are largely their size / shape and physical appearance, though Grim Workshop notes the Cordage Card is also the easiest to use, in case you want to go all-out Environmental Activist Rumpelstiltskin and spin piles and piles landfill-bound bottles into plastic yarn. Learn more about the plastic rope makers, and get your Kickstarter pledge in here before July 2, 2020.

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