Personal Radiation Detector

Posted: December 10, 2014
Personal Radiation Detector
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The RADTriage Radiation Detector is a U.S. Military-grade personal dosimeter, which I need because the homeless guy outside my office is always warning me about how the government is secretly allowing high levels of radiation to leach into our water supply, and also adding it to cans of Coke. Needless to say I've stopped drinking water and switched to plastic bottles of sodie only, but just to be on the safe, non-mutant side, I think I should carry this detection card around in my wallet.

The RADTriage Radiation Detector is always on and requires no batteries or calibration. Its sensor strip turns darker instantly when it detects harmful levels of radiation, beginning its alerts at 20 mSv. In addition to warning against the ingestion of water and Coke, the dosimeter card also provides heads up to those in the vicinity of nuclear reactors and dirty bombs.

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