Nail It Finger Saver

Posted: November 03, 2021
Nail It Finger Saver
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Nailed it! What can I say, I've got a nose for hammering nails into walls without smashing, or even brushing, a single finger. A Pinocchio nose, to be exact.

The Nail It Finger Saver was designed by Avihai Shurin for Monkey Business. It's a wee plastic Pinocchio you can use to hold a nail in place against a wall, giving you more room to drive it in without whacking your hand with the hammer. The Nail It Pinocchio has holes at his nose, mouth, and 3 button holes, each able to suit nails of different sizes. Monkey Business says the finger saver will work with most nails, though they cannot tell a lie and guarantee it will be compatible with all of them.

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