MBI Mini Flashlight Matchbook

Posted: March 15, 2016
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Strike a MatchLight. Actually, just press its head lightly against any hard surface to set this little flame ablaze. The MBI MatchBook is an 8-strong set of tiny LED flashlights lined up and packaged just like their fire-summoning counterparts, and hoping to prove just as handy for household, outdoor, and emergency use.

MatchLights are fully waterproof and, pursuant to a successful crowdfunding campaign, will be available in White, Red, or Green tints. Their glow is fueled by a lithium tube-type battery just 20mm long. Each Light will also have a 3mm x 3mm neodymium magnet adhered to its base, both for securing it to the magnet-lined MBI MatchBook, and to give users the option of sticking their ultra-mini illuminator to receptive surfaces wherever they go.

Individual MatchLights will "burn" for around 8 hours, so a complete pack will give you up to 64 hours of subtle, in-a-pinch, or emergency light. The MatchBook, made of water-repellent card stock, is small enough to slip in a wallet or pack pocket during hiking / camping trips.

One downside: MatchLight batteries are not replaceable, so after one burns out, to the trash it goes. Just like a real match. MBI does note that both crowdfunding backers and future customers will be able to purchase individual replacement MatchLights without the MatchBook.

The MBI MatchBook seeks funding on IndieGoGo through March 30, 2016. MBI anticipates being able to produce and begin delivering orders by July 2016, but keep in mind that the MatchBook and Lights seem still to be in prototype stages, so, as with all crowdfunding projects, the perils of final design tweaks and mass production could create delays.

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