Mammoth Grips

Posted: May 10, 2021
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Make me a pack mule, and I look like an ass. But make me a mammoth, and I become a King of the Pleistocene. Mammoth Grips are extra-strong carry handles that enable you to double, triple, maybe even octuple your load without compromising its stability or your control, and without ripping up your hands and fingers during transport.

Made of recyclable plastic and sold in sets of 2, each Mammoth Grip is configured with a pair of outer tusks and a center handle capable of hauling up to 100 pounds. They are virtually indestructible, and sized to fit in a pocket or purse, the glove box of your car, or under your vehicle's seats. Grab your Mammoth Grips when you want to grab a full load of groceries, paint cans, propane tanks, dry cleaning, camping gear, or any unwieldy items with their own handles, and carry them in a single trip.

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