Magna Cart Folding Hand Truck

Posted: March 11, 2017
Magna Cart Folding Hand Truck
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I've used the Magna Cart to haul everything from my beer-filled cooler and portable grill, to giant boxes of old books the used book shop told me they didn't want either, to my girlfriend's fiddle leaf fig tree. Five times. Goldilocks went through Papa, Mama, Big Brother, and the Dog's spots before she found one that was just right that day. I've always been pleased with its performance as a hand truck and, more importantly, pleased with how easily I can fold it down and slide it in the gap between my fridge and the wall when I'm done.

The Magna Cart has a 19mm steel frame capable of lugging up to 150 pounds, but itself weighing only 9. Press a single release button to open up the cart by pulling down on its platform (I use my foot). The handle is also adjustable from 28" to 39" tall. Folded down it measures 27" tall x 2" thick.

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