LignoLoc Wood Nail Gun Nails

Posted: May 13, 2020
Lignoloc Wood Nail Gun Nails

Made by Beck, in collaboration with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, LignoLoc wooden nails are indigenous beech wood spikes that feed into LignoLoc's pneumatic nail gun for use as an alternative to aluminum nails in a range of construction, industrial, and woodworking projects. They're also rated five by five for hunting creatures of the night.

LignoLoc tensile strength is comparable to that of aluminum nails, with some distinct benefits over the latter. Beck notes LignoLoc mechanical properties allow for nail gunning the wood nails directly into solid structural timber without pre-drilling. The result, they say, is "an inseparable bond," the cost and time to achieve of which are both reduced.

The material uniformity between wood nails and wood receivers of wood nails is also a bonus. LignoLoc nails won't discolor the wood or leave traces of corrosion. You can also sand their surfaces along with the rest of your build, making them an interesting choice for wood furniture, interior wood paneling, and wood flooring.

Swapping metal for wood should provide better insulation values, since LignoLoc nails won't act as thermal bridges, and in post-processing wooden components in prefab buildings, the nails won't create as much wear on other tools and saw blades.

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