HOTO Tool Sets

Posted: June 07, 2022
HOTO Tool Sets
$69.99 - $199.99
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HOTO, we are definitely not in Kansas anymore. More like Italy, or maybe Holland, given the sleek, minimalist design of HOTO's Tool Sets - which, in fact, have won multiple iF Design Awards. I mean, I've certainly heard dudes call their drills beauties, but after checking out the 12V brushless drill in HOTO's set, I think it's the first one I'd admire as actually, physically beautiful.

HOTO Tool Sets are designed to be compact and portable, on top of pleasant to look at. At printing, the company offered a Hand Tool Set, a 3.6V Screwdriver Tool Set, and the 12V Brushless Drill Tool Set, all with their individual tools kitted up in molded slots inside modern gray hard cases.

Flip open the hidden side buckles on the HOTO 12V Brushless Drill Tool Set, and you'll find a hand screwdriver, magnetic hammer with attachable rubber cap, an adjustable spanner, a self-lock measuring tape, needlenose pliers, 4 metalworking drills, 4 woodworking drills, and 10 x S2-steel screwdriver bits, in addition to the drill itself. The latter is built with an HD LED display that shows real-time performance, including the drill's precise torque regulation, and its dual Pulse and Custom Modes. A great gift for Dad this Father's Day.

Muchas danke to Bless This Stuff.

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