Glydeez Large Appliance Slider

Posted: March 07, 2023
Glydeez Large Appliance Slider
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The Glydeez by Forearm Forklift: The perfect tool to help a person move appliances...or steal a bank safe...solo.

And I can't even say just kidding, because that's exactly what the dude in the above photo is doing. OK, maybe he's not stealing the safe. Maybe the bank hired him to install it, or move it during one of those wild hairs for rearranging the furniture banks tend to get. But still. Compared to a washer / dryer, kitchen stove, refrigerator, HVAC unit...dresser, marble coffee table, recliner - even beyond basic large appliances, the list goes on and on - showing a Glydeez sliding a giant safe out of the room doesn't show the product in the best of lights.

But let's just assume you dudes and ladies reading this aren't thieves or planning a bank heist. And that you don't become thieves or start planning a bank heist after seeing the possibilities a Glydeez Large Appliance Slider can offer you. For the normal, average homeowner, moving company, or appliance retailer the Glydeez can still be a handy asset to have when it comes time to place or relocate a number of heavy household and commercial appliances. Its dimensions are 48" long x 29-7/8" wide (just narrow enough to fit through the standard 30" doorway) and it comes with a heavy-duty 3'6" long pull strap with ergonomic handle.

In addition to removing friction and providing leverage for single-person moving, the Glydeez's 1/8" thick, high-grade plastic construction protects the floors under your appliances from scratches, gouges, tears, and roller marks during the sliding process.

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