GIGA Pump 2.0 Portable Air Pump & Vacuum Sealer

Posted: March 22, 2021
GIGA Pump 2.0 Portable Air Pump & Vacuum Sealer
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The GIGA Pump 2.0 portable air pump and vacuum sealer arrives just in time to bid winter GIGA-bye, and tell summer to GIGA-up! At about the size of a doorknob, MicroNovelty's GIGA Pump 2.0 is a rechargeable mighty mite able to inflate and deflate nearly anything in your life. Use it to blow up the pool toys, the pool rafts, the pool itself. Add some bounce to the flattened sports balls. Get the air mattresses ready for the family reunion. And then to (finally) deflate the holiday yard art and snow sleds. To bag up and suck the air out of the puffy winter coats and sweaters for storage. Seal up that fruitcake for next year.

The GIGA Pump 2.0 comes with 4 different nozzles for attachment to most air mattresses, inflatable pool floats, swimming rings, yoga balls, kids' toys, and vacuum bags. It is powered by a 1300mAh lithium-ion battery MicroNovelty says can inflate 10 single air mattresses or smother 20 large vacuum bags per charge. Flow rate is up to 180L/min, with a pressure of up to 3.5KPa.

The GIGA Pump 2.0 also (somewhat inexplicably) doubles as a lantern.

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