GearWrench Gimbal Ratchet

Posted: July 29, 2015
GearWrench Gimbal Ratchet

GearWrench is all about ratcheting innovation. And given the company's success since the release of its original 5-degree ratcheting wrench in 1996, I think we have just proven that in today's world, being "all about" something as simultaneously random and specific as ratcheting innovation can actually make you millions of dollars, not just drain the entirety of your life savings, plus the money your grandma gave you for braces. I love America. And I love GearWrench's Gimbal Ratchet. Not because I do much (any) ratcheting myself, but because I know how endlessly frustrating it is to have a tool that would work great, if only I could reach or get the right angle on my target.

The Gimbal Ratchet design enables this tool to pivot in 2 directions for easier access to fasteners in tight spots. It is especially handy for garage mechanics. The pictured ratchet has a 3/8" drive, with 72 teeth and a 5-degree swing arc. Though it looks potentially difficult or "slippery" to grip, most reviewers note usage is very easy and ergonomic. The GearWrench Gimbal Ratchet also comes in a 1/4" size.

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