Flameless Arc Lighter for Candles & BBQs

Posted: March 11, 2017
Flameless Arc Lighter for Candles & BBQs
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Like the slide, this flameless arc lighter is electric, so you can boogie-woogie-woogie through wind and rain, and without filling and refilling it with gas fluid. The long handle provides easier and safer access to hot BBQs, gas stoves, and candles--both those set into glass jars, and the ones packed tight to cover the entire surface area of the cake for Grandma's 85th birthday.

Sparx's long-handled lighter is USB-rechargeable, and gets around 300 sparks, or a week's worth of making ambience and grilled pork chops per charge. The lighter will not spark while it's charging, and has a safety switch to prevent accidental engagement.

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