Dremel Multi-Function Butane Torch

Posted: September 12, 2014
Dremel Multi-Function Butane Torch
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Re-soldering the backyard gutters and then lighting up the sugar on a creme brulee until it melts into a delectably crisp shell. That's the kind of stuff around the house I really enjoy...having my mama do. And now with Dremel's Versa Flame multi-function butane torch she can tackle these chores like a 1-2 punch, without even swapping out her tools!

Handheld and weighing just 2 pounds, the Dremel Versa Flame can output at variable temperatures and distances for applications such as soldering, pipe fitting, shrinking, and, yes, culinary brazing. An integrated ignition trigger enables easy lighting and a flame lock-on continuous, hands-free operation. Used with standard butane gas the torch's tank capacity has around 75 minutes of run time.

In addition to the Versa Flame tool itself, the torch kit includes a storage case, blower, deflector, flame diffuser, soldering tip, solder, sponge, tins and wrenches.

The Versa Flame butane torch is a top Dude Gift for Dad pick.

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