Cole-Bar Multi-Functional Hammer

Posted: May 11, 2013
Cole-Bar Multi-Functional Hammer
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Although I enjoy calling people tools, I don't really understand how the term came to be an insult. Aren't tools generally helpful and beneficial to the cause of man, as opposed to the burdens of dead-weight idiocy implied by the word's application within the vernacular of our contemporary youth? Furthermore, when a tool looks as slick and functions as versatilely as the Cole-Bar, wouldn't you sort of be honored if someone drew a comparison between it and yourself. I would. I...what, Mom? No, that doesn't mean you have to sew new name tags into all my T-shirts and underwear. No, I don't want you to start calling me Tool, I just...I was just using hyperbolic logic to make a point!

The Indianapolis-based Hyde family created their 7-in-1 Cole-Bar to provide the services of a hammer, crow bar, demolition tool, angle measurement tool, ruler, socket wrench, and nail pliers. Its default setting is "hammer", but by way of two conjoined pieces of carbon steel. The halves can swivel apart and lock to become a crow bar, as well as call upon their patented gear/ratchet system to hold position at any 15-degree increment from 0 to 180. The segments also separate completely via a button release to effect the implement's demo tool transformation, and since Cole-Bars use a standard 1/2" drive to connect their head and claw shafts, the drive doubles as a socket wrench.

Cole-Bar prototypes measure 14-1/2" long and weigh 43 ounces. So more than a typical hammer, but that's OK because Cole-Bars are not intended for use by the weak, the fragile, or the tools of the world. They seek Kickstarter funding through June 24, 2013.

December 2013 Update: The Cole-Bar Hammer exceeded its crowdfunding goal and is now available for direct purchase through the company's website--follow the link below.

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