Clippa Hair Clip Multi-Tool

Posted: March 31, 2015
Clippa Hair Clip Multi-Tool
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Sweet, now instead of asking my mama to carry my multi-tool in her purse, I can act like it's a fashion statement and have her carry it in her hair. The Clippa, like most women, is an accessory of many moods and dispositions. On the surface it's a snap-closure clip that holds a chunk of hair in place. But spin it around, open it up, and set it on the table and the Clippa transforms into: 3 different screw drivers; a wrench; a trolley coin; a ruler; a cutter; a lemon hacker; and a match stand. The perfect gift for urban survivalists of the female persuasion, as well as dudes comfortable enough in their masculinity to wear a ladies' barrette.

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