Big Squeeze Tube Squeezing Tool

Posted: November 01, 2016
Big Squeeze Tube Squeezing Tool
$34.95 - $39.99
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The Big Squeeze isn't just some plastic tube pincher and goop nudger. Check out the GIF. The Big Squeeze says it delivers industrial-grade, Wile E. Coyote vs. a Train levels of tube flattening, and tube content non-wasting. Roll the Big Squeeze along your toothpaste, sunscreen, hobby paint, hair gel, or mmmmm anchovy paste to make use of every last drop. Nothing left behind but a crimped-up container that looks like my girlfriend's hair on Ladies 80s Night.

The Big Squeeze can roll along most plastic and metal tubes up to 3" wide. It's a pretty hefty device, made of die-cast zinc handles, extruded aluminum gears, and steel pins. The crank handle alone is bigger than most dime store tube squeezers in their entirety. Still, if you're the thrifty type who wants access to the entirety of what you paid for, or the procrastinating type who waits too long to get more red paint and toothpaste, and now there's this girl sitting there in your living room, waiting for you to make out with her and paint her an apple, and you just need that last bit of both tubes...check out the Big Squeeze on Kickstarter through December 3, 2016.

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