1-Second Cable Tie Opener & Preserver

Posted: August 03, 2021
1-Second Cable Tie Opener & Preserver
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While cutting cable ties is certainly on my list of Funnest Things To Do in Life - especially if they're wrapped around something fragile like glass that could potentially shatter in my face during my cutting efforts - I have to admit, being able to open them in 1 second with the Cable Tie Opener rather than my average of 30 to 75 seconds with an X-Acto or my mama's sewing scissors sounds appealing too.

Instead of cutting through them and creating more plastic trash, the Cable Tie Opener also preserves the zip ties you release from their chokehold, so you can use them to choke something else nice and tight in the future.

The Cable Tie Opener is suitable for all types of nylon / plastic cable ties, but won't work so well on the metal ones.

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