Glowring Tritium Keychain

Posted: October 16, 2013
Glowring Tritium Keychain

In many senses, Glowrings have nothing on the tritium keychains we previously showed you--the ones super-sickly designed and flawlessly handmade by a dude who goes by the name of iknitsteel (though I think his mama calls him Justin McFarland). But in at least one sense these luminous key protectors are much better: you can acquire them. While iknitsteel seems to have closed up shop, Glowrings would still love to take your money in exchange for a tubular trinket that will luminesce nonstop yellow, purple, red, ice blue, orange, pink, white, or UV blue for up to 10 years.

Original Nite fabricates their Glowrings according to military specs. The gas tritium light source (GTLS) comprising each keychain's inner tube is entirely self-powered (read more about that kooky science here), and represents one of the longest lasting glow-in-the-dark products available to the general public. Awesomely, the UK seller reports that Original Nite's tritium keychains "make for brilliant cheap gift ideas," and cause everyone who gets one to wonder how they ever lived without it. Since I like giving cheap gifts, and also tend to drop my keys pretty much every time I pick them up, which really sucks at night when I'm hanging at a crowded bar or peeing in someone's bushes on the walk home because then I have to feel up the ground to find them again, I couldn't agree more.

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