Best Made Gerstner Field Chest

Posted: April 17, 2023
Best Made Gerstner Field Chest
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The Best Made Gerstner Field Chest is a fine example of classic design meets modern craftsmanship. Historical significance meets contemporary admiration. Nostalgia for the past meets deep...deep...pockets in the present. The Best Made Gerstner Field Chest costs more than every piece of furniture in my house. More than several pieces of them combined. Damn, dudes, you better have some mighty fine tools and gear to your name to merit organizing and storing them in this piece of American Cherry luxury.

And for those of you all, "Yeah, dude, I do. I'm 'bout to order a Best Made Gerstner Field Chest like an 8-piece Chicken Meal at KFC," then might I suggest a Wohngeist Tools Cabinet to display alongside it?

In addition to its handsome wood construction, the Best Made Gerstner Field Chest features hand-fitted joinery, brass hardware, and the same 6-ounce leather used in Best Made's axe blade guards. Its "Gerstner" name comes from Gerstner & Sons, the Ohio-based company known for its fine craftsmanship of wood tool and storage chests. Designed in collaboration with illustrator and artist Ross MacDonald, the Best Made Field Chest is based on one inventor and adventurer Robert Edison Fulton Jr. used in the early-to-mid 1900s.

Inside the chest are 12 drawers, a book cubby, and slatted doors for additional manual or document storage. A clock at the center is custom-made in Germany, and the paneling behind it covers a secret compartment - swing it open to stash your most sensitive small implements inside.

Dimensions for the Best Made Gerstner Field Chest are 27.25" x 26" x 12".

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