The Space Safe - High-Tech Smart Safe

Posted: March 27, 2021
The Space Safe - High-Tech Smart Safe
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They could have called the Space Safe the Safe Space, and it would have been more accurate since, aside from the brand's astronaut logo, this high-tech smart safe has nothing to do with outer space. It does, however, provide 1.2 cubic feet of safe space - maybe the safest space ever - to store your valuables and protect them from intruders, plus nosy mothers-in-law, who would seek to steal them. Or just haul them out into the open to prove you do own and operate several pipes and bongs. But the term "safe space" has more of a docile, inviting connotation these days, and the Space Safe is definitely neither of those.

Designed with exterior and interior cameras and accelerometer sensors for remote monitoring, multi-party PIN and biometric access, optional WiFi connectivity for SMS or app notifications of shenanigans, and the ability to remotely disable the safe and alert 911 of sticky fingers via the Space App, the Space Safe aims to be a formidable, impassive addition to your home security system. With a sleek black design and tempered glass door, the Space Safe is a fairly inconspicuous installation as well.

Other Space Safe features include:

  • Interior USB ports for charging items you've locked inside.
  • A large exterior LCD touchscreen that stores information for up to 4 users with separate PIN codes and fingerprint access.
  • Option to grant temporary access to a house sitter or visitor with a 1-time PIN code.
  • A hidden backup battery that will keep the Space Safe powered up during a power outage, plus an included physical key for manual access.
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