Scout HD Security Camera

Posted: June 25, 2014
Scout HD Security Camera
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The makers of Atticus Finch's favorite home security system, Scout, are expanding their family. One of their forthcoming arrivals, the Scout HD Camera, is a 1080p, WiFi-enabled, "burglar-beating machine" intended to simply and dependably keep a user abreast of what's going on in the house when its master steps out.

Rather than ply the HD Camera with superfluous sensors, data collectors, and an mp3 of the Cops theme song, Scout aims to enhance the basics of video security. Its streaming 1080p video with night vision are viewable from a phone, tablet, or computer for free, from anywhere. Its DVR allows for storing key events. And, my favorite feature, its two-way audio gives homeowners the opportunity to verbally assault intruders...or underage kids engaging in illicit activities on the couch...and warn them of what will happen if they don't make like Joey Gladstone and cut it out.

For those opting to connect their Scout HD Camera to Scout's monitoring service, a third party will be available 24/7 to view and respond to security breaches if you aren't near your streaming device. The agents can verify the validity of an event, as well as dispatch police.

The Scout HD Camera is currently taking part in a unique Dragon Innovation crowdfunding campaign. Scout the company is actually proposing the launch of 3 new home security devices: the camera; the Scout Socket; and the Scout Takeover System. But rather than straight fundraising endeavors the campaigns are running as a sort of competition between the products. The highest backed will serve as an indication of which the market would most like to see produced. Show your support for any of Scout's contributions to homeowners' home safety efforts through July 3, 2014.

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