Pelican Emergency Lighting Station

Posted: November 04, 2019
Pelican Emergency Lighting Station
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The Pelican Emergency Lighting Station is a safety precaution guaranteed for life. Unless, of course, you suffer an emergency that doesn't require a 378-lumen flashlight with a beam distance of up to 640'. Like an alien kidnapping. Or a wife who comes home right as you're getting naked with the lady who delivers the vegan meals she made you both start eating. Then the Pelican Emergency Lighting Station can't help you, and I doubt Pelican will offer a refund for its shortcomings.

But your wife might hire a vicious divorce attorney and ask for a big one for yours.

The Emergency Lighting Station mounts to a wall in your home or office, with a classic Pelican hard case serving as a protective shell for the glow-in-dark flashlight inside. The torch has low and high beam modes, and a continuous runtime of 8 hours on high mode, and 202 hours on low. There is also a flashing mode. The flashlight is IPX8 water-resistant.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

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