Nest Protect Semi-Pleasant Smoke Alarm

Posted: October 10, 2013

I'm not on the best of terms with my smoke alarm. First it fell from the ceiling and went off. Then I left a few pounds of bacon in the skillet for too long and it went off. Then I had this girl over to watch Major League and let a pretty juicy one rip in the bathroom and tried to cover the smell by burning lavender incense. And it went off. Damn smoke alarm. It's like jury duty: we need it; if things got really bad, it might be the only thing that could save us. Boy dude. Most of the time it's nothing but a huge pain in the ass. Nest Protect, a combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector/alarm, would like to change all of that.

Nest Protect's first step towards being a tolerable life saver is its Heads-Up feature, an initial warning the device gives when it senses something amiss. Instead of jumping right to the ear-piercing wail, the alarm lights up yellow and calls out what's going on in a human voice. This allows you to determine yourself whether or not you're in the midst of an emergency or an overcooked pan of Bagel Bites. And should you decide the alarm is a false one, you no longer have to frantically flail a towel or huff and puff Big Bad Wolf-style at your smoke detector; Nest Protect will relent its warning if you stand under it and flick a single wave of your arm.

Of course if the threat is real, Nest will speak in a clear, authoritative voice to apprise you of the problem and the smoke/CO2's origin, tell you how handsome and desirable you are, and urge you to hurry on up out of the house lest you should suffer 3rd degree burns and injuries that might compromise your enviable appeal. Owners of more than 1 Nest Protect can link them to call out out this information simultaneously.

Similar to home security devices such as Scout, Nest Protect includes smartphone connectivity, and will also send users alerts of awry-ness while they're away from home. If you're already an owner of the Nest thermostat, you can sync the two systems such that if the Protect's CO2 detector trips, it can send a message to the thermostat to automatically turn off one possible source of the leak--your gas furnace.

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