Master Lock Bluetooth Outdoor Padlock

Posted: May 09, 2023
Master Lock Bluetooth Outdoor Padlock
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The Master Lock Bluetooth Outdoor Padlock opens sesame using your smartphone and the Master Lock Vault Home or Master Lock Vault Enterprise app. So, yeah, that means you must have your smartphone and the app on hand, plus be in WiFi or data range, to access your locked-up shizit.

But pretty much every padlock has an Achilles Heel - you can forget the combination, lose the key, find the touchpad warped on a fingerprint lock - so you just have to decide if the technical problems you could experience with the Master Lock Bluetooth Outdoor Padlock are more or less risky, and more or less of a pain in the ass to deal with if they happen, than the issues you might run into with other types of padlocks.

With smartphones now serving as human appendages, and internet access being fairly reliable at the homes and offices Master Lock created the Bluetooth Outdoor Padlock to serve, I'd probably trust it more than I'd trust myself with a combo or a key. Especially since my 40s have cursed me with the memory of a goldfish (and, as an aside, the appetite!)

Master Lock recommends the Bluetooth Outdoor Padlock for securing exterior storage areas, fences, security gates, self-storage units, lockers, tools, and job boxes. Their Vault Home app is designed specifically for personal use, and supports control and oversight of up to 10 Master Lock locks, while the Vault Enterprise app is tailored for businesses managing and administering many users and locks.

Padlocks themselves are made to withstand physical attacks and hacks, and come with a 2-piece weather cover for outdoor protection. A CR2 battery keeps the lock "alive," and low battery notifications appear both on the app and the lock itself. Should the battery die while the padlock is locked, a battery jump allows for temporary access.

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