HitchSafe Key Vault

Posted: November 26, 2012
HitchSafe Key Vault
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The HitchSafe Key Vault: Because there's no better place to stash your singles in the event of spontaneous strip shows on the Platinum Stage Hitch Pole. Also, it can safely guard spare house and car keys, as well as mind small valuables during camping trips, snow excursions, and other I-don't-feel-like-carrying-that pursuits. The HitchSafe's 10,000-combination, programmable drawer impenetrably stores up to 9 spare keys, credit cards, and driver's licenses. And weed. Probably, like, a few ounces at least of weed. It fits within a self-contained vault--removable only by knowing the combination--that secures inside most standard 2" hitches via the interlocking of two sliding bolts with external hitch pins.

HitchSafes are made of solid metal. Their installation requires no tools (allegedly) and units take only seconds (allegedly) to hitch and de-hitch. The package also includes a heavy-duty rubber dust cover and two strippers.

Note: Toyota Tacomas from 2005 and later and Tundras from 2007 and on require optional longer pins for HitchSafe use.

Muchas danke to Manny for the product suggestion.

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