HAVEN Connect Floor-Mounted Smart Door Lock

Posted: April 20, 2020
HAVEN Connect Floor-Mounted Smart Door Lock

A deadbolt alternative for your doors, the HAVEN Connect smart lock mounts to the floor just inside the threshold to provide a doorstop-style fortification at the door's strongest point - its base. According to HAVEN their design for home security from the bottom up is 10 times stronger than a deadbolt and, with Bluetooth connectivity and an electronic locking wedge interface, at least 10 times smarter.

The HAVEN Connect anchors to your floor in 6 locations (using basic tools). Its center locking wedge raises and lowers either via a foot pedal at the end of the piece, or remotely from the mobile app. Using the app you can also generate digital keys to provide family and other visitors unlocking access while you're away, as well as monitor access, log entry and exit, etc.

When activated, any pressure against the HAVEN Connect meets its 30" steel baseplate, as well as coverings made with Delrin and military-grade nylon. In addition to the strength and resistance of the steel, the HAVEN's locking gate materials are engineered to flex and absorb the force of any attempted break-ins.

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