Haven Automatic Heat-Activated Fire Extinguisher

Posted: October 24, 2018

The Haven is a firefighter's attempt to combine the individual benefits of a fire extinguisher and a smoke detector, while removing many of the devices' drawbacks. The result is an automatic, heat-activated fire safety device that functions like a commercial fire system, but for your home or office.

The Haven indeed looks like the love child of a fire extinguisher and a smoke detector, with a canister holding a chemical agent on the bottom extending into the recognizable plastic disc with encircling grilles on the top. The Haven also installs like its smoke detector mama, into the ceiling in the rooms you want to protect. Yeah. That part sounds like a P in the A to me too, but Haven says installation is "Easy as 1-2-3." If you know how to take a circle saw to your ceiling....

The Haven canister is filled with a non-toxic dry chemical agent, similar to baking soda. When activated, it releases its contents as a fine powder that can calm flames in rooms 16' x 16'. And unlike water suppression methods, the Haven's dry-chem powder won't cause major damage to your home or possessions, and cleans up with a vacuum.

Accidental discharges resulting in a Thanksgiving dinner dusted in delicious fire suppression powder shouldn't be a problem either, as the Haven is activated only by heat, not smoke. Like most smoke detectors, it is battery operated, so no additional power is required if you want to put one in your attic or cottage. The Haven has a 5-year serviceable life, and is probably way more reliable than the AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball, but way less fun to use.

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