Firemask Emergency Escape Hood

Posted: February 27, 2016
Firemask Emergency Escape Hood

I feel like, for the average American, the likelihood of experiencing a house fire is way higher than the likelihood of experiencing a nuclear biological chemical situation, but it's gas masks that get all the bug out bag hype. Why aren't fire escape face covers like the Firemask going viral as must-haves for your stash of survival gear?

Probably because they look more guy-who-wears-a-tin-foil-hat than post-apocalyptic badass.

The Firemask is an emergency smoke mask for both children and adults that provides 60 minutes of breathable air in the event of a fire. It slips on over the entire head and tightens with an adjustable neoprene band at the neck in 30 seconds or less. A polycarbonate visor ensures clear visibility during movement and navigation out of the building.

The Firemask filters out smoke as well as carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide, both toxic gases typically produced during building fires.

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