ABLOY PL362 Padlock

Posted: January 17, 2023
ABLOY PL362 Padlock
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Wish I could put an ABLOY PL362 Padlock on all my valuables stored on the internet. Credit cards, online banking, home security camera feeds, password manager, PornHub viewing history. That last one mostly for my wife, who always seems to figure it out, and then hits me unexpectedly with sentiments like, "The Care Bears?! Really?!"

Made in Finland, the ABLOY PL362 Padlock is one of the most secure in the whole world. It has a Grad 6 security rating, which I'm guessing is the highest, and features a 15 mm boron steel shackle enshrouded in a case hardened steel body with raised shoulders. Its top loading lock cylinder increases its resistance to drills, and the padlock also offer max resistance to cutting, grinding, and prying.

Common uses for the ABLOY PL362 Padlock include containers, railway wagons, trucks, heavy sliding doors, and military stuff.

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