Venus Flytrap Potted Plant

Posted: July 10, 2013
Venus Fly Trap Potted Plant
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Despite the ominous reputation it's earned by way of musical theater and Rick Moranis (hey, two completely relevant references to Rick Moranis in a week!) the Venus flytrap is a pretty lame carnivore. Kind of like girls who take one bite of a slider and say that they're full or have a tummy ache or ohmygod are a vegetarian and haven't eaten meat in 10 years and how could you not tell them it was made of animal pulp and not black beans?! Venus flytraps eat bugs only. No beef. No bacon. No sushi. Still, they're way cooler than ferns.

The plant's "traps", bright red- and pink-colored basins with toothy-looking follicles, serve both to lure prey in and lock it inside once an ant, spider, beetle, grasshopper, or fly takes the bait. Semi-Interesting Bit of Horticultural Geekery Alert! Despite its name, the Venus flytrap's diet consists of very few flies. According to Wikipedia, the plant enjoys winged insects for only 5% of its meals. Weird. But it's probably kind of like how everyone calls my friend Gus The Pink Taco Eater even though his girlfriend says he really doesn't eat pink tacos very often. Some names just stick.

This potted Venus flytrap arrives in a 3" container with basic care instructions. Hailing from South Carolina and southern portions of North Carolina, the plants like humidity, and should be kept in an environment that can maintain it at 50% to 60%.

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