The Server Farm PC Case Grow Box

Posted: June 03, 2015
The Server Farm PC Case Grow Box
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But officer, where could I possibly be growing marijuana? As you can see, down here in my mama's basement it's just me, my dirty dishes collection, and my circa 1992 PC. I just finished a particularly exhilarating game of Oregon Trail.

Think Leek coins their Server Farm "the ultimate stealth grow box." Inside the PC case hydroponics system lies everything you'll need to grow up to 2 pounds of dried plant matter per year, less the plants themselves.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, a lifetime of tech support, and a complete instruction manual for breeding your future best buds, the Server Farm features a fully automated light and hydroponics system that will pretty much grow your plants for you behind the locked chambers of the PC case. Windows Sativa should take about 8 weeks to ready plants for harvesting, at which point you'll need only 15 or so minutes to snip and prune before beginning the grow process again. The Server Farm kit includes:

  • Light reflection panels for maximum light exposure
  • Cooling & vent systems (100 CFM+; Co2 Compatible; Quiet Air Exchange)
  • 2-plant hydroponics system
  • 3 x 6500 CFL Grow and 3 x Flowering Full Spectrum Grow Lights
  • 3 x Outlet adapters
  • 2 x Net pots
  • Air pump, tubing, airline, stone & bag of red clay rocks
  • 6-quart reservoir
  • Power strip
  • 2 x Organic starter plugs and pre-installed germinating helpers
  • 2 x 80mm fans/filter assembly
  • Heavy Duty Timer
  • Lock & key system
  • 2-year supply of Moon Dust nutrient
  • Ona block odor terminator

Server Farm dimensions are: 8.1" deep x 26.5" tall x 19" wide. And Think Leek notes the hydroponics system can actually grow all plant types, not just the fun ones.

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