Sprouting Seed Faces - Plantable Paper & Edible Sprouts

Posted: February 17, 2023
Sprouting Seed Faces - Plantable Paper & Edible Sprouts
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OK, every one of these Sprouting Seed Faces clearly did not listen to their mama when she told them not to stick food in their ears or up their nose. And now, not only have those hunks of broccoli and bits of radish taken root and begun growing out of their ears and noses, they're popping out of their cheeks, mouths, and eyeballs too!

It's almost like Alien, but the kind of alien that implants itself in human faces not to take over the world, but to feed those of us who remain healthy, nutrient-rich edible sprouts!

The Sprouting Seed Face "seed pods" are handmade from biodegradable paper pulp, molded into a variety of human faces, and filled with a mix of organic clover, arugula, china rose, radish, and fenugreek seeds. To sprout them, just place the peeps in a small dish with water and keep them damp. In about 5 days, the horticultural aliens will have taken over the humans, and you'll have a small crop of sprouts to chew off their faces.

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