Smart Growbar Mountable LED Grow Light

Posted: June 08, 2021
Smart Growbar Mountable LED Grow Light
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Today I will take a page from Pete Seeger's "Garden Song" and Inch by inch, row by row / Gonna make this garden grow / Gonna mulch it deep and low / Gonna make it...nah, not really. I'm just gonna buy a Growbar LED grow light from Modern Sprout and mount it above my houseplants.

In addition to being a minimalist and space-saving little grow light, the Growbar is also a smart piece of tech that pairs with the Modern Sprout App to turn on and off automatically. According to a schedule I set or, more likely, one the app recommends to me based on my plant types.

You can mount the Growbar to the underside of a cabinet, shelf, or even bed I guess if you're trying to be all sneaky. Modern Sprout says its smart grown light will help vegetables, fruits, and flowering plants grow big and healthy regardless of their sunlight requirements.

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