Scheurich USA Watering Can & Mister

Posted: August 05, 2020
Scheurich USA Watering Can & Mister
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For some reason, this watering can crossed with a spray bottle from Scheurich USA looks about as funny to me as a golden retriever crossed with a camel. As strange as a penguin crossed with a kitten. As ludicrous as a seahorse crossed with a T-Rex!

OK, maybe not that last one (and you can see them all here) but there's something about the watering can-mister hybrid that makes me do a double take, and then keep staring, even though the combination, from technical and practical standpoints, makes a lot of sense. A pour for the philodendron here, a spritz for the air plant there, the combo can kills two birds - and hopefully no houseplants - with one design.

Scheurich USA's watering can and mister mashup holds 40 ounces of water, and has a fill hole behind the spray bottle so you don't have to unscrew the spritzer for refills.

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