GrowCube - Smart Watering Kit

Posted: April 21, 2022
$79 - $100
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The GrowCube is an automatic drip irrigation system that waters your houseplants while you're away, or when you just don't have the time or inclination to do it by hand. It's not a new idea - you can find several iterations of the hospital-lookin' greens feeding tubes online - but the GrowCube aims to make the process even easier and more hands-off with the integration of Arduino, sensors, and an app. In other words, the GrowCube isn't just an automatic drip irrigation kit, it's a smart watering kit.

The GrowCube consists of 4 independent moisture sensors and water outlets, each with app connectivity and control, so you can calibrate precise watering schedules and amounts for different types of plants. The GrowCube app has a 3000+ plant database, so you can select which type you want to auto-water, and let its smart watering plan do the rest.

In addition to data on specific plant types, the GrowCube's moisture sensors determine when your 4 connected plants are dry / sufficiently watered, and feed that information to the app and watering schedule too.

You can read more about the GrowCube, its history, and its capabilities on the smart watering kit's Kickstarter campaign page. Pledge for one of your own through May 27, 2022.

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