Grobo Indoor Garden

Posted: August 13, 2016
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Grobo should be called Gromo. As is Gromo plants you can eat. Gromo plants that won't die. Gromo plants that Gromo all by themselves. But it's called Grobo, maybe short for grow box, maybe just a word its Canadian creators made up one night when they were reaping the benefits of one of the self-contained indoor garden's flawlessly cultivated "medicinal" masterpieces.

Grobo is a 4' tall x 1' wide x 1' deep box with an interior growing space of just over 2'. Big enough to raise one plant "to its maximum potential." Once you've planted your chosen seeds in Grobo, you literally need do nothing else except tell it what it's growing (select from an app) and top off its food and water reservoirs (the app will remind you) until it's time to eat, drink, or smoke what you've grown.

Grobo takes care of the following without your input (or interference, black thumbs):

  • Watering.
  • Temperature & humidity control.
  • Photon lights. Specialized LEDs that give your plants the perfect amount of color and light, covering an 8-colour spectrum.
  • Lighting condition simulation with fluid glass that switches from transparent to opaque.
  • Smell removal, thanks to a built-in carbon filter.
  • Progress updates. Wi-Fi connectivity sends you real-time information about your little green child.

Grobo will grow a wide variety of plants, including vegetables, such as tomatoes, beans, or peppers; herbs; medicinals such as chamomile or cannabis; fruits, such as strawberries or dwarf lemons; and greens, such as kale. Huh. I guess cannabis and strawberries would be OK. But really, if I'm going to spend $900 on a machine that grows one single plant, it better be a Kobe beef plant.

At printing Grobo was available for pre-order, with shipping anticipated for April 2017. Once $899 pre-orders sell out retail price will be $1,399.

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