Globe Terrarium Lamps

Posted: May 19, 2017
Globe Terrarium Lamps
$530 - $610
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The amount of light Richard Clarkson's Globe handblown glass terrarium lamps provide looks to be a few watts shy of enough to keep you from embossing your foot with a LEGO brick after dark. But suspended from the ceiling, and filled with lush mosses or succulent...succulents, the integrated LED bulbs can definitely set the mood at night, and set off a room with greenery that goes beyond your standard potted plant.

Clarkson, who also designed the Cloud Light (with storm effects!) developed the Globe to "create a unique viewing perspective" of its contents. Depending on your angle, you might see leaves in high magnification, or close to disappearance. This fish-eye effect, combined with the backlighting, makes the Globes even more mesmerizing as a room's centerpiece.

Globes are available in 12" and 8" diameters, both with micro-wire-based power cords that are strong but discreet.

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