Fin to Flower Aquaponics System

Posted: May 11, 2016
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If you're interested in growing an indoor herb garden--think rosemary, not mary jane--but entirely uninterested in nurturing, or even watering it, check out the natural wonder that is aquaponics. And then check out Fin to Flower's tidy little desktop aquaponics system.

As functional as it is neat to look at, this self-contained ecosystem surrounds 2 sides of a 5-gallon fish tank with a 2-tiered series of plant grow beds. Each of the half dozen slots measures 3" in diameter, the perfect size for planting fresh cooking herbs, such as basil and thyme, as well as your favorite small houseplants and flowers.

The Fin to Flower aquarium uses 2 waterfalls, a hidden pump, gravel, and your favorite finned and flowering friends to create environments that accommodate both the fish and the plants, and leave little work left over for you. It goes: fish waste feeds plants; plant roots filter water; waterfalls add oxygen and send water back to fish.

Water from the fish tank flows in a continuous loop, first upward through the gravel, where it is filtered in the pump, and then to both grow beds. Moving through the lower tier of beds, it cascades out through the waterfall, and back into the tank. In addition to ensuring the plants are always hydrated, this constant movement also eliminates the stagnant moisture and unpleasant odors plant areas with fill-and-drain systems often acquire. In addition, the open nature of the aquaponics system naturally out-gasses unwanted compounds, such as unbound chlorine, ammonia, and sulfur.

Fin to Flower apparatus dimensions are 19" wide x 13" deep x 15" tall.

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