EVA Smart Aquaponics Furniture

Posted: March 18, 2021
EVA Smart Aquaponics Furniture

One fish, two fish, red fish, green thumb. EVA Smart Aquaponics Furniture has it all, and does it all, all by itself. A home or office installation with a mini garden on top, an aquarium in the middle, and an ultra-modern white pedestal supporting them, EVA is a self-sustaining ecosystem, with the addition of smart monitoring technology to help it thrive, and augmented reality enhancement to make it even more fun for you and your family to interact with.

Aquaponics is an established biological process wherein fish and plant life share a perfectly symbiotic relationship. Fish waste, called ammoniac, is pumped into the overlying garden where the plants' roots break it down into nitrates and nitrates they can then use as food. In return, the plants remove the ammoniac from the fishies' water, ensuring it doesn't stunt their growth, make them sick, or kill them.

EVA Smart Aquaponics Furniture is able to house a variety of small fish, as well as various types of plants. Some examples of the former include Line Tail Mollies, Swordtail Guppies, and Souther Platys. Up top you can stick with purdy flowers or houseplants such as ivy, spider plants, or mother-in-law plants (no, thank you!) Or you can grow food - lettuces, cherry tomatoes, and small peppers.

Once you have EVA assembled - creator Francois Hurtaud says it's tres facile to put the fish garden together - you can connect it to EVA's smart monitoring system to set air and water temperature, lighting intensity, and air and water pump outputs. Most of these settings also have automation options so you can leave it to the aquaponics gods to decide what's best.

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