Death Star Planters

Posted: February 21, 2021
Death Star Planters
$16 - $24
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From Death...Star...comes life! These Star Wars Death Star-inspired planters from Storybrook Boutique are 3D printed into existence - well, exploded, decommissioned existence - in your choice 5" or 6" circumference sizes. And for ye seekers of Star Wars gifts for the fairer sex, or for a more colorful friend or family member, Death Star Planters also come in either silver or Hubba Bubba pink.

The iconic image of the defunct Death Star becomes a new symbol - one of pure post apocalyptic beauty - with a live plant sprouting, blooming, crawling out of it. Plants are not included with the planters' purchase, but if you want to replicate Storybrook Boutique's exact look in the photos, the small silver Death Star Planter contains an Oxalis Regnellii, the small pink Death Star planter a Variegated Teardrop, and the large silver Death Star Planter a Creeping Wire Vine.

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