BioVessel Living Countertop Composter

Posted: October 17, 2017
BioVessel Living Countertop Composter
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Worms in your food, infesting your kitchen - it's not such a bad thing when contained in the BioVessel. Dump your food scraps into this countertop-sized composter and the worm colony living inside will eat them up, poop them out, and produce nutrient-dense natural fertilizer for your house plants or garden. And thanks to a thoughtful, odorless, modern design, the BioVessel won't stink or ug up the room in the process.

The biomorphic worm house took 2 years of data collection to develop. Its creators say the result encompasses the best shape for both worm health and human convenience. Put fruit and vegetable peelings, grain foods, and tea bags through the top opening of the composter and the worms inside will nom-nom-eat-'em-up. At least their own body weight in scraps per day, and the BioVessel can break down over 2 pounds of food per week.

Compost results from a building of worm castings, or manure, and can be removed and spread next to plants as it's generated. Vermicompost contains a ton of water-soluble plant nutrients, and just a tablespoon is potent enough to feed a 6" potted plant for over 2 months.

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