Window-Mounted Suction Cup Cat Saucer

Posted: December 17, 2020
Window-Mounted Suction Cup Cat Saucer
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Know what I see when I look at this window-mounted cat saucer, a sort of cat hammock that attaches to glass via suction cups? The suction cup soap dish I used to have. The one that created an air- and watertight seal against my shower tile to hold my bars o' personal hygiene at the perfect height. Except it didn't. It usually fell down after a few days (and usually in the middle of the night with a loud crash that tore me out of my slumber) and I'd have to lick-it-and-stick-it back up again.

So I'm thinking this suction cup cat saucer can't be that much different, especially with the weight of an entire cat inside it. And I'm thinking if that cat were my cat, Zanzibar, it would only be a matter of time before the cuppage gave way, and both cat saucer and cat inhabitant succumbed to gravity just like my old soap dish. And based on my relationship with Zanzibar, I'm thinking...I really need a window-mounted suction cup cat saucer.

What? If the suction cups were turned, I know Zanzibar would do the same to me.

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