Voodoo Tanks - Aquariums with Glowing Edges

Posted: October 03, 2021
Voodoo Tanks - Aquariums with Glowing Edges
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Aquariums with glowing edges? What voodoo is this? The Voodoo Tank kind.

Voodoo Tanks are slick fish abodes whose seams are lined with a phosphorescent adhesive. Voodoo priests New Wave Aquarium Concepts spent 2 years "mixing and brewing" to develop the glowing neon sealants, and the results are pretty Roy G Biv-elous, especially if your fish are into EDM shows. Or the 80s.

Voodoo Tanks come in 3 different sizes, and with red, blue, green, orange, or rainbow seams lining their 15mm acrylic glass sides. The special edition aquariums glow without any additional light source.

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