UFO Cat Litter Box

Posted: May 15, 2022
UFO Cat Litter Box
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I doubt this UFO Cat Litter Box is going to be the most functional and high-performing litter box you ever own, but it sure as cat sh- is gonna be the most out of this world.

A great gift for the pet lover who is also a geek, or just has fond memories of The Jetsons like I do, the UFO Cat Litter Box comes in 5 different stellar colors, and, at 22" x 22" x 18", is large enough for multi-cat homes. Or single cat homes occupied by a real chonk.

The UFO Cat Litter Box comes with a built-in deodorizer pack on top. Cats have 2 points of access, one via a 2-way swinging door in the back of the spaceship, and the other through a trapdoor up top.

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