The Dude Dog Sweater

Posted: October 19, 2017
The Dude Dog Sweater
$49 - $59
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If The Dude were a dog, there's no question this Pendleton sweater is what he'd wear. But. What kind dog would he be while wearing it? St. Bernard? Shar-Pei? Scruffy hound dog?

Whether or not you have a Dude-like dog in appearance or personality, you can keep him warm this winter in true Lebowski style with the Dude Dog Sweater. Pendleton designed the human version of the Dude sweater seen in the cult classic film, and recently added a soft knit pullover for friends of the canine persuasion as well.

Despite its downsizing and reconfiguration for quadrupeds the Dude Dog Sweater remains instantly recognizable. The 8-bit-looking pattern made with triple-tone browns comes in 5 different sizes, XS through XL, with the sweater fitting dogs ranging from 3 to 40 pounds.

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