The Dog House Sofa

Posted: December 31, 2019
The Dog House Sofa

Let sleeping dogs lie...next to you but not all up in your space. The Dog House Sofa by designer Seungji Mun is to be part of the first collection of "the emotional pet furniture brand 'mpup'." There is a forthcoming emotional pet furniture brand! This is where we are as a society on the eve of 2020: emotional pet furniture.

And that's on the bright side.

To Seungji Mun's and mpup's credit, if you're going to make some furniture with feeling that incorporates your best furry friend, the Dog House Sofa is a pretty stylish and clever place to start. It might not be to your particular taste, but it's fine looking couch that, despite its minimalist aesthetic, also looks like it would be comfortable to sit on. For both you up top and your snoozing pooch snuggled up in the armrest on the right.

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