TEEF! - Drinkable Dog Dental Health

Posted: August 24, 2019
TEEF! - Drinkable Dog Dental Health
$28 - $285
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I know. TEEF!'s idea of dumping dissolvable powder in your dog's water to clean his teeth is inherently off-putting. Not only because there seems to be enough random shit in our water supply these days, but also because, what if you drop a sack of money on Buddy's dental care supplement and then he refuses to drink his TEEF!-infused water?

Two counterpoints to those bits of skepticism:

  1. Buddy will drink out of rando dog bowls of water set outside the Starbucks. He'll drink from a muddy lake. He'll drink from the toilet. He's probably getting a lot of crap in his water - not to mention in the stuff he eats and chews on - that's way less safe for his system than TEEF! Plus, TEEF! promises their formula consists of just 4 "pure and safe ingredients" that will bring dogs no harm.
  2. Given the, uh, open-mindedness outlined above, he'll probably drink water with TEEF! in it no problem. The company says their teeth-cleaning solution doesn't change the water's flavor at all, just turns it a little yellow. Plus, given that it costs, what, $1,200 to have a dog's teeth professionally cleaned at the vet, one test round of TEEF! isn't much of an investment, but could prove to be a major cost saver. (Note: I don't have a dog, and so haven't tried TEEF! at home. I'm just speculating here.)

TEEF! says their daily dog dental regimen is vet-approved, and cleans teeth like a "molecular toothbrush," even below the gum line, just through a dog's act of lapping up water. Ingredients include a soluble fiber, a vegan protein, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), and a vitamin. TEEF! has patented the formula Protektin, and touts it as a balancer of the oral microbiome, which in turn promotes strong teeth, healthy gums, and - oh boy! - fresh breath.

You can read more about TEEF! on the company's website (see the FAQ section) and purchase either a single order of the powder, or a bi-annual or annual subscription for extended shipments.

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